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Migrating content from a legacy system to a new platform can be complex, costly and cause detrimental business downtime.

Content Migrations require careful consideration, preparation and planning. Choosing the right migration tool is critical as can be the difference between a successful project and an unsuccessful one.

Whether you are planning to migrate your existing Enterprise Content Management solution to the cloud, integrate on-premise systems with cloud-based Content Services platforms or need to truly understand how to optimise your content portfolio and information management infrastructure, we provide the perfect software solutions to your needs. Our AI-powered content analysis, content classification, content migration and content integration software empowers you with strategic information management and delivery solutions to meet and exceed the challenges of business in the digital age.


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AI Powered Analytics & Reports

Our content analysis solution provides valuable actionable content insights via deep-dive analysis into your repositories. We empower you with detailed Power BI reports that helps when designing your target system and building strong business cases – aiding infrastructure and content management optimization.

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Real-Time Classification of Content

Keep your content in context with our intelligent classification solutions. We utilise machine learning and domain-agnostic Optical Character Recognition to analyse and automate content classification.

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Intelligent Migration from Any Source

We help you migrate from any source repository to any destination repository.

Your new environment will help you gain actionable insights and maximum value from your information by ensuring the new environment is truly optimized for improved productivity, collaborative working and business growth.

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We believe that great results start with great partnerships. We work closely with all our customers to achieve their goals, and this collaboration is the cornerstone of our approach. We work with public and private organisations across industries worldwide.

Proventeq specialises in migrating from non-Microsoft platforms to Microsoft 365. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner, a Microsoft Preferred Partner in Content Services and a Microsoft Chartered Partner in Content Services.

Ready to accelerate your content migration?

Move On Up To Office 365

Moving to Office 365, Microsoft's cloud-based Content Services platform, will help you elevate the way your business utilizes your content portfolio. Our range of Office 365 and SharePoint implementation solutions will help you empower your users with insightful content, allowing you to optimise your IT infrastructure, streamline user adoption and boost the effectiveness of your digital workplace.

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Content Insights & Analytics solutions

If used correctly, data can provide actionable insights which can help transform organizational performance. Whether data is structured, unstructured, dark or ROT, it can be organized, classified and structured so it is easily findable and more insightful. Unlock value from your data and improve decision making processes through our AI-powered Content Insights & Analytics solutions.

Legacy ECM Business Case
How to prepare your Legacy ECM Consolidation Business Case

Uncover insights from Dark Data to tackle business issues and beat revenue goals.

Support your business goals by unlocking value from your unstructured data

Reduce operation cost by minimizing manual data processing work.


Improve Decision Making Processes with Insightful File Analysis
Improve Decision Making Processes with Insightful File Analysis

Organize, classify and structure your content architecture and make content findable and insightful.

Choose Your Legacy ECM to Learn About Cost Savings

Our migration tool brings versatility to your migration thanks to a industry-leading range of ECM connectors. Select the legacy ECM system from the list below to discover how your organisation could be making significant cost savings by migrating to a modern Content Services platform that can support your Digital Workplace transformation.