Cintas Corporation

Migration from Stellent UCM to Propriety System

Client Profile

Cintas Corporation is an American company specialising in the design, manufacture and implementation of corporate identity uniform programs and provides entrance mats, restroom cleaning and supplies, tile and carpet cleaning, promotional products, first aid, safety, and fire protection products and services. The company is one of the largest in the industry with over 35,000 employees.

Stellent UCM
Propriety System

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Case Study Overview

As part of the deployment of a new Enterprise Content Management platform built on Lexmark Perceptive DB, Cintas needed to migrate over 2 million documents (1.5 TB) of data stored in Stellent 7.5 to the new platform. Cintas required that all metadata was migrated successfully, so content could be secured and targeted to the relevant users.

The Complexities Of Migrating From Stellent UCM To Propriety System

  • 2 million documents (1.5 TB) running on a legacy version of Stellent
  • Cintas needed metadata in a custom format (different format for different content types) ready for import
  • Content had to be migrated to Amazon S3 which formed a conduit for import (of documents and metadata) into Lexmark Perceptive DB
  • Incorrect indexing at source had resulted in unreachable content. Such content needed to be extracted and migrated
  • Migration needed to be aligned with the Perceptive implementation & Go-Live, user training and changes to final go-live dates
  • Constantly changing source system required the synchronisation of the migrated content with a changing source.

Solving Cintas Corporation’ Unique Challenges

The migration team at Proventeq worked closely with Cintas and their implementation partner, Access to orchestrate an end-to-end solution utilising the power and versatility of our Proventeq Migration Accelerator.

Enhanced validation allowed us to perform a comprehensive content audit and retain content integrity. When Lexmark had an issue with their data import, we were able to react quickly and re-migrate some of those assets to help with their import process.

In order to meeting the changing demands of the Go-Live date, our team performed multiple delta migrations. When Cintas was unable to find content using Stellent Search due of broken indexing, we were able to identify an alternative approach.

We migrated content from the backend of Stellent to a File share. We also reacted quickly to external data import issues encountered during the migration process, by addressing the issue and re-migrating the content affected.

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The Results

Seamless Migration

Through our migration expertise and with the use of our rules-based product, we delivered an end-to-end solution that answered all the business needs of migrating, enhancing and restructuring content to their new content services platform.

Cleaner, Easy To Find Content

Content stored in Stellent and archived data on disk, were consolidated and standardised along with all their metadata. This content was then successfully cleansed, transformed and migrated to comply with the constraints of the new environment.

Highly Cost-Effective Migration

Automation of complex migration processes, greatly reduced manual effort and delivered saving of cost and time. Additionally, these processes were then replicated for different departments ensured reduced effort and delivered saving of cost and time.