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Providing everything you need to achieve a secure and reliable content migration from OpenText™ applications to SharePoint

Planning an OpenText™ application to SharePoint migration, but struggling to know where to start? Legacy enterprise content management systems such as OpenText™, can be drastically different in their structure to modern content services platforms and migration can often be a complicated, costly and time-consuming project. It is unfortunately not as simple as pointing libraries to libraries if you don’t have the right tools.

Transition from OpenText™ to Microsoft SharePoint the right way with Proventeq’s AI-powered Migration Accelerator. Whether you are using eDocs, Content Server, Documentum or Hummingbird, our content migration tool expertly deals with the complexities of content migrations at any scale. We provide everything you need to achieve a secure and seamless content migration from your OpenText™ solution to SharePoint Online.

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Best Practice Guide - eDOCS to SharePoint Migration

Navigate the complexities involved in eDOCS to SharePoint migrations and discover the secrets to executing a successful content migration.

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