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Microsoft Viva - the new powerful Employee Experience Platform (EXP) accessed through the collaboration tool you already use. Teams.

Accelerate your adoption of Microsoft Viva solutions

Accelerate your adoption of Viva solutions

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Viva Employee Experience Workshop

Every Microsoft Viva adoption journey starts with a FREE Employee Experience Workshop with Proventeq's Modern Workplace experts. This includes:



As part of your Discovery Workshop our Modern Workplace Experts will align your business goals with one of our unique Viva Acceleration packs. Designed to help you improve your employee experience today.


Discover which Viva solution your business needs in your own Employee Experience Workshop.


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What's your Viva?

These are the four Microsoft Viva modules, what they do and how they can help improve your employees experience today.

Viva Insights

Remove the guesswork from team management with real-time reporting that allows you to make data-driven decisions that improve productivity and employee happiness.
Strike the right balance between productivity and wellbeing with privacy protected insights and recommendations to build a holistic picture of your workplace.
Viva Insights

Book focus time, praise others, receive improvement plans and disconnect

with Personal Perspective for individuals in MyAnalytics.

Monitor your team's engagement & effectiveness to nurture their wellbeing.

with Manager Perspective for your team in Workplace Analytics.

Answer critical questions about organisational resiliency and work culture

with Leader Perspective for the organisation in Workplace Analytics.

Viva Topics

Viva Topics

Reduce information silos and enhance and share knowledge across your business. Mine knowledge from across your business network. Viva Topics uses AI to extract knowledge and expertise from your Microsoft collaboration ecosystem, including Teams, SharePoint and Outlook which it presents in unique Topic cards.

SharePoint Topic Center aggregates your data & suggests Topics

The curation process includes validation and content enrichment

The more content you have in M365, the more knowledge you gain!

Viva Connections

Connect and integrate your disparate workloads into a unified experience with Viva Connections by seamlessly delivering your intranet in Teams.
Viva Connections

Integrated news feed

Integrated feed with announcements from your SharePoint News, Yammer and Teams

Instant access

Access to the apps you need through a single dashboard with adaptive cards targeted to unique audiences

Dynamic content

Dynamic content including news, frequently followed sites and recent documents

Access to SharePoint sites and Stream video’s

Personalised branding to your business

Curated global navigation links

Viva Learning

Viva Learning - coming soon!

Empower your teams to make learning a natural part of everyday with a Learning Dashboard accessed through Teams.
Viva Learning’s extensive catalogue of varied courses from Microsoft, LinkedIn Learning and other third parties, can also be integrated with all leading Learning Management Providers.