Data Migration and Management Solutions for the Finance & Insurance Industry

Data Migration and Management Solutions for the Finance & Insurance Industry

Streamline and reduce customer onboarding time by modernizing your Digital Process Automation

EX Viva Insights - 70%

The cost of cyberattacks in the banking industry reached $18.3 million annually per company

In 2021 Data privacy fines to financial institutions totaled

EX Viva Topics - 7 weeks

Digital collaboration could unlock new value within the global banking industry

The banking, insurance and general Financial Services industry faces many challenges, particularly due to the Regulated nature of their work. Activities need to be easily auditable which means relevant documentation needs to be able to be saved, stored, classified, and found with ease.

In addition to information management, many organizations are also looking at ways to improve the overall employee and customer experiences, particularly with regard to enabling hybrid working and the onboarding of new customers.

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Proventeq was key for us to meet our tight deadline and ensure data quality

Digital Management Technology
ICT Coordinator

Solution provided

Exchange Public Folders to SharePoint Online migration and integration

Key Benefits

Understand content risk exposure

Identify ROT and content consolidation opportunities by using Content Analyser


Improve employee productivity

Migrate, consolidate and modernize your legacy content management systems with an intelligent content services platform

Leverage your Microsoft 365 investments

Digitize and automate your content workflows

Improve hybrid working collaboration

Increase employee satisfaction and enhance their learning by unlocking the power of Microsoft Viva (as part of Teams)


Improve your customer onboarding experience

Enable omnichannel, personalized and self-service capabilities

Increase employee productivity

Empower your teams with the knowledge and expertise they need at their fingertips