Proventeq Partner Programme

Partner with Proventeq to maximise your profitability and accelerate your sales cycle

Become a Proventeq Partner

Since building our first industry-leading content migration software in 2007 we have honed our proven best practice processes. Working together as an extension of their team, we have helped our Partners bridge the gap between their clients’ needs and their own migration expertise.

As one of only a handful of Microsoft Preferred Content Services Partners globally, we partner with other managed service providers to share our expertise and add value to their customers cloud office migrations.

We are the migration experts you want on your team.  

Offer more to your customers

As a Proventeq Partner you can take full advantage of our AI-powered intelligent migration software. Unlock more business opportunities by selling the benefits of intelligent migration to your customers, creating more upsell and cross-sell opportunities for you to explore.

Improve your service offering

Empower your migration practice so you can offer a better service to your customers

Reduce risk

Reduce the risk of migrating data from complex legacy systems and source repositories.

Increase profitability

Accelerate your customer’s adoption of Microsoft 365, helping maximise your profitable annuity stream.

Gain a competitive edge

Add high-quality content management services to your portfolio and differentiate your business from the competition.

Deliver successful migrations for your clients

Why Partner with Proventeq

Digital Asset Management, Cloud Migration & Content Management Software
Industry leading software

Our AI-powered tools have several unique features designed to achieve quick, secure and seamless migrations for your clients every time.

Digital Asset Management, Cloud Migration & Content Management Software
Unparalleled expertise

Our expert team eliminate the risk of content migration, leaving you free to develop meaningful client relationships.

Digital Asset Management Software
Flexible solutions

Our proprietary migration solutions can be tailored to your client's individual needs with ease to ensure prompt delivery of projects.

Digital Asset Management Software
Global reach

With happy clients in 22 countries across five continents, we are experienced in traversing time zones and cultures. So, wherever your client is located, we can help.

Digital Management Technology
End-to-end support

With round-the-clock support capabilities, our team ensures that any issues which arise are resolved quickly.

Sharepoint Migration Tools
Cutting edge insight

Thanks to our close technology partnerships we can help you meet your client's needs with up-to-date information on the latest developments in content services.

One vendor. One tool. Multiple connectors.

Our migration tool brings versatility to your client’s migration thanks to an industry-leading range of ECM connectors.

Partner Programme Options

How to be a Proventeq Partner

Sharepoint Migration Tools
Referral Partner


This is our simplest program and only requires you to refer Proventeq - we will then do the rest.


Benefits include:


  • Fixed referral fee
Sharepoint Migration Tools
Reseller Partner


A straightforward and transactional programme.  


Benefits include:


  • Bid support
  • Sales training
  • Fixed margin on products & services
Sharepoint Migration Tools
Alliance Partner


Our most comprehensive programme, this is geared around co-marketing and co-selling.


Benefits include:


  • Joint marketing
  • Sales & bid support
  • Sales & technical training
  • Sliding margin on products & services

By working in partnership with you, Proventeq can help you unlock more opportunities and help you accelerate your business growth.

Deliver successful migrations for your clients

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