Migration from OpenText eDOCS to SharePoint Online

Client Profile

Evolving over almost a century, Strukton Rail has become one of the leading rail providers in the world; their expertise encompasses rail construction, maintenance and technological development.

OpenText eDOCS
SharePoint Online

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Case Study Overview

With increasing customer demand came the need for a more up-to-date operating system. Having previously relied on an on-premises OpenText eDOCS ECM system to manage the storage, classification and distribution of content across the organisation, Strukton took the decision to move forward with an implementation of SharePoint Online as their Content Services Platform.

Before the new SharePoint platform could become operational, Strukton needed to migrate over 1 million content items stored in their existing OpenText eDOCS ECM platform in full fidelity to SharePoint Online. This would allow Strukton’s staff to benefit from the advanced content management and collaboration features of Office 365.


The Complexities Of Migrating From OpenText eDOCS To SharePoint Online

  • A thorough assessment of Strukton’s source content was required to point to errors, inconsistencies and relationships surrounding content.
  • Folders in OpenText eDOCS were not representative due to large volumes of unfiled documents based on metadata associated with different Strukton departments.
  • Content in OpenText eDOCS repositories required segregation and migration to consolidated content types and different site collections in SharePoint Online.
  • A review of the existing information architecture was needed to determine necessary mapping and transformation rules based on metadata required for migration.
  • Related documents stored in Strukton’s OpenText eDOCS platform with similar metadata required migration to the same target location/container within SharePoint
  • An audit trail and metadata-based reports were required for the entire migration, to ensure all the items in scope of migration had been moved across correctly.

Our Five Stage Migration Solution

To meet the specific challenges of Strukton’s migration to SharePoint project requirements, Proventeq proposed and carried out a strategic five-step migration solution utilising the advanced features of our Migration Accelerator product.