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Migrate your business content from an enterprise content management system to SharePoint

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Are you planning to migrate your business content from an enterprise content management system, such as Alfresco, to a modern content service platform, such as SharePoint? Finding a reliable solution to the challenges and complexities of a large-scale migration project can be a struggle, especially as the structures are drastically different, making such migration projects complicated, costly and time-consuming.

Your content migration from Alfresco doesn’t need to be complicated. Built upon our Alfresco to SharePoint migration expertise, Migration Accelerator provides a fast and reliable content migration solution, capable of handling even the most complex or large-scale migration projects with ease.

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Migrating from a legacy platform to SharePoint, was not an easy task, but Proventeq made it look easy! This project is saving us about $100,000 in licensing annual cost, 20TB of storage and countless number of hours. Proventeq are a team of professionals that I would recommend any time, for similar projects.

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Three steps to intelligent migration success

Migration Accelerator offers benefits throughout every stage of your migration and helps you maximise the potential of your content.

Understand and enrich your source content
Content oversight at your fingertips


Every successful Alfresco to SharePoint content migration project starts with understanding your content. Migration Accelerator analytics suite provides in-depth content discovery and analytics features with integrated Power BI reports to give you a 360° view into your source content.

Our comprehensive pre-migration checks help to ensure that your content is in the best possible shape prior to migration; helping you to give your content the context you need to compete.

Reliable and accurate content migration
Reliable and accurate content migration


Content migration is more than just movement, making it crucial that accuracy is maintained throughout your migration. Which is why Migration Accelerator provides full traceability throughout the process, allowing you to verify, improve and modify rules to ensure a successful outcome to your Alfresco to SharePoint migration.


Furthermore, Migration Accelerator provides an iterative migration pipeline where you can load, rewind and re-load your content achieving migration success.

Work smarter, not harder
Work smarter, not harder


Migration Accelerator saves time by migrating millions of documents a day across multiple Alfresco repositories and instances to SharePoint.


Thanks to our feature-rich incremental migration suite, Migration Accelerator allows you to customise your migration schedule to suit your business needs. And by using our custom rules feature, you can ensure that your workforce always has the content they need at their fingertips; meaning no loss of productivity or costly departmental downtime.

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Move Smarter: A guide to Intelligent Migration

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Turn FileNet to SharePoint migration into a growth opportunity

Migration Accelerator offers benefits throughout migration to help you get the most out of your move from IBM FileNet to SharePoint.

Discovery and analysis
Discover & Analyse

The first step of successful migration is understanding your content.


Migration Accelerator delivers in-depth content discovery and analysis of your content using Power BI.

Enrich & Restructure

Migration gives the chance to optimise the quality of your content.


Migration Accelerator enhances content quality via classification, IA remapping, metadata & taxonomy.

Security & Integrity
Security & Integrity

Content losing its context is one of the biggest issues of migrating.


With Migration Accelerator you can easily maintain relationships and links within your current content.

Consolidate Content

Are you switching between systems to find the content you need?


Migration Accelerator allows you to consolidate and migrate content from multiple FileNet repositories.

Minimise Downtime

Are you worried that migration will cause your business downtime?


Thanks to Migration Accelerator's high-speed incremental process, downtime is kept to a minimum.

Guarantee Success

We understand that content migration can be a challenge.


Migration Accelerator ensures your success using Iterative migration and rules-based automation.

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