Microsoft Viva with Proventeq

AI-Powered Content Management Solutions for the Legal Industry

Improve your productivity and drive out cost by modernizing your content management solution and digitizing your processes

EX Viva Insights - 70%

Time wasted by lawyers a week on document management

Total pages in a a single case file of a law firm causing the number of legal documents needing storage to quickly spiral out of control

EX Viva Topics - 7 weeks

In an effort to more efficiently store, classify, find and re-use information, many Law Firms are today investing in and standardizing on Microsoft 365 and modern cloud based ECM platforms.

Consolidating and migrating away from existing legacy systems requires careful planning, particularly given that information shared within them needs to be properly reviewed, cleaned up and classified prior to any migration. Due to the sensitivity and high volume of the information in scope, migrations can be very complex.

Choosing the right migration solution is essential - this is where Proventeq’s solutions and services will help.

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Working with Proventeq allowed us to figure out all of the different mechanics of how to migrate and restructure our data. This allowed us to have a clean break and start working immediately in the new system.

Digital Management Technology
Honza Červenka

Internal Project Lead

Solution provided

iManage Worksite to SharePoint Online migration and integration

Key Benefits

Understand content risk exposure

Identify ROT and content consolidation opportunities by using Content Analyser

Improve employee productivity

Migrate, consolidate and modernize your legacy content management systems with an intelligent content services platform

Leverage your Microsoft 365 investments

Digitize and automate your content workflows

Improve hybrid working collaboration

Increase employee satisfaction and enhance their learning by unlocking the power of Microsoft Viva (as part of Teams)

Improve your customer onboarding experience

Enable omnichannel, personalized and self-service capabilities

Increase employee productivity

Empower your teams with the knowledge and expertise they need at their fingertips