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Automotive B2B Finance customer

IBM FileNet to Salesforce, M65 and Azure

JM&A - Client Profile

Client Profile

Our customer is committed to improving automotive dealers’ performance by offering finance & insurance products and services, dealership training, and consulting. The group of four companies provides nearly 4,000 automotive dealerships and retail automotive outlets, representing virtually all manufacturer makes and models, with a variety of products and services.

B2B Finance, Automotive
IBM FileNet
Salesforce, M365, Azure

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Case study overview

Our client provides B2B operational management within the retail automotive industry. They were looking to replace their legacy (Electronic Document and Records Management System) platform using IBM FileNet with both Salesforce (Service/Sales) Cloud & Microsoft SharePoint Online. Additionally, our client wanted to replace their existing case management workflow tool on IBM FileNet with Salesforce Service & Sales Cloud.

There were a large number of content fields of varying data types. The Proventeq team made a large amount of content easy to find by including these fields in SharePoint’s search schema, allowing users to quickly search for content by these values in these fields across multiple sites. The challenges of multiple ingestion routes into the information system and the fact the client was approaching the end of the licensing period for IBM FileNet, had to be addressed. Over 80 million files had to be migrated from IBM FileNet to Microsoft SharePoint Online before the source system could be decommissioned.

Proventeq helped their client to migrate from an outdated legacy platform and move from on-premise servers to a platform in the cloud, giving them a future-proof system that was secure and compliant.

The challenges of migrating from IBM FileNet to Salesforce Service/ Sales Cloud & Microsoft SharePoint Online

Multiple ingestion routes into the information system

There were multiple ingestion paths into the Microsoft Azure system, which needed to be redesigned and brought into a common architecture.

The need for a content-centric case management platform

Replicating the features of FileNet in Salesforce and SharePoint Online required large customizations and a solid case solution using the existing Salesforce solution.

Accommodation of business constraints

As the client is a financial service provider, we anticipated year-end and month-end freezes and accommodated limitations and changes within our project timeline to deliver according to the business SLAs.

Complex information management requirement

The source content needed to be transformed by Proventeq’s Migration Accelerator before being migrated into Microsoft SharePoint Online. The Information Architecture was designed to overcome SharePoint’s 5000-item limit threshold.

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Proventeq's Solution for the customer

Enabling a smooth transition for the client to their new SharePoint Online environment

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Discovery and analysis

Discovery and analysis sessions were held to elicit the end-to-end requirements of the target system so that the Proventeq team could identify key functionality of the client’s case management for their end user. Proventeq’s Content Analyser was used to determine the suitability of SharePoint Online in meeting the EDRMS business requirements.

Integration design

There were a large number of content fields of varying data types. The Proventeq team made the large amount of content easy to find by including these fields in SharePoint’s search schema, allowing users to quickly search for content by these values in these fields across multiple sites.

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Information architecture restructuring and optimization  

Proventeq’s technical architects analyzed the content fields & components being used in IBM FileNet and replicated the functionality in Salesforce using standard and custom components.

Complex information and case management architecture design

The Proventeq team designed complex Azure Logic Apps workflows to dynamically build the structures to overcome the SharePoint Online folder restrictions/limitations as well as creating relevant customer-centric cases in Salesforce.

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The Results

Seamless Integration of Salesforce and SharePoint

With all documents associated with cases in Salesforce kept in SharePoint, users are now able to upload documents via a custom component in a Salesforce record which then auto-generates a SharePoint link. This allows users to save documents in SharePoint, allowing non-Salesforce users to access documents related to the Salesforce record without requiring purchasing additional Salesforce licenses.  

Improved information security and compliance

All data migrated into SharePoint followed a standard information policy. Where required, we have enabled legal hold policies including records management to support the legal and financial requirements of the company. All records in Salesforce are accessed via Permission Sets, there are also Public Groups, and Queues to give additional access to list views and the ability to approve/reject records for specific teams.  

High-speed migration
An enhanced employee-experience

The Proventeq team developed and deployed solutions to remediate the existing process automation tasks and to achieve compatibility with the new target platform. Reports and Dashboards can now be configured by end users to allow them to visualize data and gain insights. Future development can now be added using configuration without the need for code, unless required.