Compliance & risk management solutions
Do you have a strategy for protecting and maintaining your business-critical data?

What is data risk management, and how can you implement it in your organization?

Data risk management is a process that identifies and assesses the risks to an organization’s information assets and then implements appropriate mitigation strategies to reduce or eliminate those risks. Data is at the core of every business - and with access to data comes governance and compliance risk management.

Proventeq and the Microsoft 365 ('M365') Compliance Readiness program provides a summary of an organization’s data protection and compliance stature and recommendations to improve data protection and compliance

The risk of dark data

of all digital data is unstructured content

Unstructured data comes in many different forms, from email to voice recordings, memo fields within your CRM, spreadsheets and images, posing a significant risk to your business's security and compliance.

Proventeq's Intelligent Compliance and Risk Management Solutions

Information protection and governance

Protect and govern data anywhere it lives

Internal risk management

Identify and remediate critical insider risks

Discover and respond quickly

Quickly investigate and respond with relevant data

Compliance management

Simplify and automate risk assessments

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