Content Discovery Service

Developing a deeper understanding of your business content is your first step toward a risk-free migration project

Remove the guesswork from document management and gain clear actionable insight from your content with our complete Content Discovery Service. This enables you to prepare the business case to move to a modern content services platform.


Underpinned by our industry-leading Content Insights tool, our Content Discovery Service will help you understand the incompatibilities and potential challenges between your existing and target systems. Empowering you to optimise your new target architecture and completely de-risk your project.

Reduce security risk
Reduce security risk with ROT analysis

Remove unwanted content and Redundant, Obsolete or Trivial (ROT) data to improve content architecture and prevent data breaches.

Boost storage efficiency
Boost ROI and increase operational efficiencies

Stop paying to store exponentially more data. By removing irrelevant data before migration, you reduce storage needs, cost and management time.

Uncover insights hidden in your unstructured data
Uncover insights hidden in your unstructured data

Unfasten the hidden value within your structured and unstructured data to enhance business decision making through search and unstructured data analytics.

Discovery & Analysis activities

There are two levels of service depending on the type of reporting you require, but both follow the same delivery process.

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