Optimize M365 for Controlled Content Services

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M365 enterprise presence is becoming ubiquitous. According to AIIM research, 93% of organizations surveyed earlier this year use M365 in some fashion.

Naturally, the exploding work-from-home trend began last year, and the rapid evolution of Microsoft Teams as a front-end to collaboration, information sharing, and knowledge management has caused that number to increase across the M365 platform – in more users AND in broader utilization among existing users. While this massive growth enables thousands of organizations to maintain connectivity and productivity, it also presents new levels of complexity.

SharePoint Syntex, Microsoft’s content management solution that uses AI to turn unstructured files into organized information, promises to help users find, protect, and automate business practices. After its launch last year, new capabilities like precise document modeling, analytics, and compliance have been added. Perhaps it's because of these latest developments that 50% of the organizations we polled consider M365 to be their primary Content Management solution. As such, the desired functionality – and symptomatic challenges – of a typical content services platform adoption are also present with M365 adoption and optimization.

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